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DateTitle Authors
2013 Earnings and Labour Market Volatility in BritainCappellari, Lorenzo / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2010 Estimating marginal returns to educationCarneiro, Pedro / Heckman, James J. / Vytlacil, Edward
2011 An essay on real wage index numbersPencavel, John H.
1993 Human Capital, Social Capital and Compensation: The Relative Contribution of Social Contacts to Managers' IncomesMeyerson, Eva M.
1993 Kompensationskontrakt för ledningsgruppsmedlemmar i svenska börs noterade företagMeyerson, Eva M.
1993 Den högre utbildningens ekonomiska villkor och betydelseEliasson, Gunnar
2006 The impact of the minimum wage on the incidence of second job holding in BritainRobinson, Helen / Wadsworth, Jonathan
2013 Social networks and wages in Senegal's labor marketBeradi, Nicoletta
2006 The structure of worker compensation in Brazil, with a comparison to France and the United StatesMenezes Filho, Naércio Aquino / Mündler, Marc-Andreas / Ramey, Garey
2012 Why is there a gender earnings gap in self-employment? A decomposition analysis with German dataLechmann, Daniel S. J. / Schnabel, Claus

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