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2008 The economics of communist party membership: the curious case of rising numbers and wage premium during China's transitionAppleton, Simon / Knight, John / Song, Lina / Xia, Qingjie
2013 Earnings and Labour Market Volatility in BritainCappellari, Lorenzo / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2008 Crime does pay (at least when it's violent)!: on the compensating wage differentials of high regional crime levelsBraakmann, Nils
2014 The Great Compression of the French Wage Structure, 1969-2008Verdugo, Gregory
2004 Estimating the Returns to Community College Schooling for Displaced WorkersJacobson, Louis / LaLonde, Robert / Sullivan, Daniel G.
2004 The effects of wage compression on training: Swedish empirical evidenceEricson, Thomas
2010 The incidence of nominal and real wage rigidity: An individual based sectoral approachMessina, Julián / Du Caju, Philip / Duarte, Cláudia Filipa / Hansen, Niels Lynggård / Izquierdo, Mario
2011 An essay on real wage index numbersPencavel, John H.
2008 Scientific (wo)manpower? Gender and the composition and earnings of PhDs in SwedenAmilon, Anna / Persson, Inga / Rooth, Dan-Olof
2005 Labor market discrimination and racial differences in premarket factorsCarneiro, Pedro / Heckman, James J. / Masterov, Dimitriy V.

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