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2005 Does Wage Rank Affect Employees? Wellbeing?Brown, Gordon D. A. / Gardner, Jonathan / Oswald, Andrew J. / Qian, Jing
2000 Wage Determination in Russia: An Econometric InvestigationSchaffer, Mark E. / Luke, Peter J.
2000 Is Unemployment Really Scarring? Effects of Unemployment Experiences on WagesArulampalam, Wiji
2001 How Rigid are Nominal Wages? Evidence and Implications for GermanyKnoppik, Christoph / Beissinger, Thomas
2001 Labor Market Flows and Equilibrium Search UnemploymentGaribaldi, Pietro / Wasmer, Etienne
2002 Decomposing Male Inequality Change in East Germany During TransitionGang, Ira N. / Yun, Myeong-Su
2002 Wages and International Rent Sharing in Multinational FirmsBudd, John W. / Konings, Jozef / Slaughter, Matthew J.
2003 Are computer skills the new basic skills? : The returns to computer, writing and math skills in BritainBorghans, Lex / ter Weel, Bas
2002 Interpreting Europe and US Labor Markets Differences: The Specificity of Human Capital InvestmentsWasmer, Etienne
2010 The effect of job flexibility on female labor market outcomes: Estimates from a search and bargaining modelFlabbi, Luca / Moro, Andrea

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