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2007 Pension reform and labor market incentivesFisher, Walter H. / Keuschnigg, Christian
2008 Private retirement savings in Germany: the structure of tax incentives and annuitizationFehr, Hans / Habermann, Christian
2007 The timing of employment breaks: how does it affect pension benefits? Empirical evidence from GermanyPotrafke, Niklas
2006 The impact of wealth on job exit rates of elderly workersBloemen, Hans G.
2007 Renteneintrittsalter und Lebensdauer: Was kostet die Frühverrentung?Kühntopf, Stephan / Tivig, Thusnelda
2012 Who cares about stock market booms and busts? Evidence from data on mental healthRatcliffe, Anita / Taylor, Karl
2007 The Impact of Wealth on Job Exit Rates of Elderly WorkersBloemen, Hans G.
2009 Whatever happened to the Bismarckian welfare state? From labor shedding to employment-friendly reformsHemerijck, Anton / Eichhorst, Werner
1999 Employment and Retirement Following a Late Career Job LossChan, Sewin / Stevens, Ann Huff
2010 Is social security secure with NDC?Boeri, Tito / Galasso, Vincenzo

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