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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009The effects of pension rights and retirement age on training participation: evidence from a natural experimentMontizaan, Raymond; Cörvers, Frank; De Grip, Andries
2013Extended unemployment benefits and early retirement: Program complementarity and program substitutionInderbitzin, Lukas; Staubli, Stefan; Zweimüller, Josef
2009Increasing the legal retirement age: the impact on wages, worker flows and firm performanceMartins, Pedro Silva; Novo, Álvaro A.; Portugal, Pedro
2006Beschäftigung Älterer in Deutschland: der unvollständige ParadigmenwechselEichhorst, Werner
2012Monetary transfers from children and the labour supply of elderly parents: Evidence from VietnamHa Trong Nguyen; Liu, Amy Y. C.; Booth, Alison L.
2015The Relationship Between Establishment Training and the Retention of Older Workers: Evidence from GermanyBerg, Peter B.; Hamman, Mary K.; Piszczek, Matthew; Ruhm, Christopher J.
2011Retirement and home production: A regression discontinuity approachStancanelli, Elena G. F.; van Soest, Arthur
2013Bridging the Gap in Pension Participation: How Much Can Universal Tax-Deferred Pension Coverage Hope to Achieve?Karamcheva, Nadia; Sanzenbacher, Geoffrey
2012Specific measures for older employees and late career employmentBoockmann, Bernhard; Fries, Jan; Goebel, Christian
2013Envelhecimento populacional, perda da capacidade laborativa e políticas públicas brasileiras entre 1992 e 2011Camarano, Ana Amélia; Fernandes, Daniele