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2013 He's a chip off the old block: The persistency of occupational choices among generationsKnoll, Bodo / Riedel, Nadine / Schlenker, Eva
2000 An Explanation of International Differences in Education and Workplace TrainingBrunello, Giorgio / Medio, Alfredo
2011 Effects of training on employee suggestions and promotions in an internal labor marketPfeifer, Christian / Janssen, Simon / Yang, Philip / Backes-Gellner, Uschi
2006 Sind ältere Beschäftigte weniger produktiv? Eine empirische Analyse anhand des LIABSchneider, Lutz
2008 Occupational choice and social contacts across regionsBauernschuster, Stefan / Falck, Oliver / Heblich, Stephan
2002 Comparative Advantage, Relative Wages, and the Accumulation of Human CapitalTeulings, Coen N.
2015 Do Universities Shape Their Students' Personality?Schurer, Stefanie / Kassenböhmer, Sonja C. / Leung, Felix
2000 Immigration from the Eastern Block and the former Soviet Union to Israel: Who is coming when?Locher, Lilo
2012 An examination of the work history of Pittsburgh steelworkers, who were displaced and received publicly-funded retraining in the early 1980sBednarzik, Robert W. / Szalanski, Joseph
2014 Estimating the Returns to Schooling Using Cohort-Level Maternal Education as an InstrumentWinters, John V.

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