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2012 Good workers for good jobs: Improving education and workforce systems in the USHolzer, Harry J.
2015 The Effect of Georgia's HOPE Scholarship on College Major: A Focus on STEMSjoquist, David L. / Winters, John V.
2010 The impact of skills on remigration flowsBönisch, Peter / Gaffert, Philipp / Wilde, Joachim
2015 Back to School? Labor-Market Returns to Vocational Postsecondary EducationBöckerman, Petri / Haapanen, Mika / Jepsen, Christopher
2008 Tougher educational exam leading to worse selectionAndrade, Eduardo de Carvalho / Castro Filho, Luciano Irineu de
2015 Jobs Incorporated: Incorporation Status and Job CreationÅstebro, Thomas / Tåg, Joacim
2015 Educational Mismatch and Firm Productivity: Do Skills, Technology and Uncertainty Matter?Mahy, Benoît / Rycx, François / Vermeylen, Guillaume
2010 How well does education travel? Education and occupation with and without migrationGächter, August / Smoliner, Stefanie
2009 Determinants of lifetime unemployment: a micro data analysis with censored quantile regressionsSchmillen, Achim / Möller, Joachim
2011 Are the self-employed really jacks-of-all-trades? Testing the assumptions and implications of Lazear's theory of entrepreneurship with German dataLechmann, Daniel S. J. / Schnabel, Claus

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