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2012 The quest for more and more education: Implications for social mobilityLindley, Joanne / Machin, Stephen
2012 An examination of the work history of Pittsburgh steelworkers, who were displaced and received publicly-funded retraining in the early 1980sBednarzik, Robert W. / Szalanski, Joseph
2011 Are the self-employed really jacks-of-all-trades? Testing the assumptions and implications of Lazear's theory of entrepreneurship with German dataLechmann, Daniel S. J. / Schnabel, Claus
2003 School quality and family background in ItalyBrunello, Giorgio / Checchi, Daniele
2012 Revisiting the complementarity between education and training: The role of personality, working tasks and firm effectsGörlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus
2011 The role of work-home interference and workplace learning in the energy-depletion processvan Ruysseveldt, Joris / Proost, Karin / Verboon, Peter
2011 It's the Opportunity Cost, stupid! How Self-Employment responds to Financial Incentives of Return, Risk and SkewBerkhout, Peter / Hartog, Joop / van Praag, Mirjam
2012 Impact of bilingual education programs on limited English proficient students and their peers: Regression discontinuity evidence from TexasChin, Aimee / Daysal, N. Meltem / Imberman, Scott A.
2013 The Wear and Tear on Health: What is the Role of Occupation?Ravesteijn, Bastian / van Kippersluis, Hans / van Doorslaer, Eddy
2012 Risk and returns to educational fields: A financial asset approach to vocational and academic educationGlocker, Daniela / Storck, Johanna

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