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DateTitle Authors
2008 Why do leaders matter? The role of expert knowledgeGoodall, Amanda H. / Kahn, Lawrence M. / Oswald, Andrew J.
2009 Occupational choice: personality mattersHam, Roger / Junankar, P. N. (Raja) / Wells, Robert
2012 The labor-market returns to community college degrees, diplomas, and certificatesJepsen, Christopher / Troske, Kenneth R. / Coomes, Paul A.
2007 Training the unemployed in France: how does it affect unemployment duration and recurrence?Crépon, Bruno / Ferracci, Marc / Fougère, Denis
2008 The effect of high school employment on educational attainment: a conditional difference-in-differences approachBuscha, Franz / Maurel, Arnaud / Page, Lionel / Speckesser, Stefan
2007 Steering towards the high road: a study of human resource management in two Indian garment factoriesLake, Henrietta
2007 Occupational gender composition and wages in Romania: from planned equality to market inequality?Andrén, Daniela / Andrén, Thomas
2008 Occupational mobility and the business cycleMoscarini, Giuseppe / Vella, Francis
2008 Risk aversion and sorting into public sector employmentPfeifer, Christian
2003 The determinants of participation in a social program: Evidence from a prototypical job training programHeckman, James J / Smith, Jeffrey A.

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