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2015 The Employment Effects of State Hiring CreditsNeumark, David / Grijalva, Diego
2006 The impact of the minimum wage on the incidence of second job holding in BritainRobinson, Helen / Wadsworth, Jonathan
2011 Are the self-employed really jacks-of-all-trades? Testing the assumptions and implications of Lazear's theory of entrepreneurship with German dataLechmann, Daniel S. J. / Schnabel, Claus
2015 Import Competition and the Great U.S. Employment Sag of the 2000sAcemoglu, Daron / Autor, David / Dorn, David / Hanson, Gordon H. / Price, Brendan
2012 The effects of living wage laws on low-wage workers and low-income families: What do we know now?Neumark, David / Thompson, Matthew / Koyle, Leslie
2011 A economia solidára na agenda das políticas públicas nacionais: Uma análise do programa economia solidária em desenvolvimentoSilva, Sandro Pereira / Nagern, Fernanda Abreu
2005 What makes a die-hard entrepreneur? : Trying, or persisting in, self-employmentBurke, Andrew E. / FitzRoy, Felix R. / Nolan, Michael A.
2001 Determinants of plant closures in Swedish manufacturingAndersson, Fredrik / Vejsiu, Altin
2002 Does active labour market policy work? Lessons from the Swedish experiencesCalmfors, Lars / Forslund, Anders / Hemström, Maria
2008 Entrepreneurial Exit in Real and Imagined MarketsStam, Erik / Thurik, Roy / van der Zwan, Peter

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