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2010 Income taxation in an empirical collective household labour supply model with discrete hoursBloemen, Hans G.
2011 Estimating labor supply responses and welfare participation: Using a natural experiment to validate a structural labor supply modelHansen, Jorgen / Liu, Xingfei
2011 Worktime regulations and spousal labour supplyGoux, Dominique / Maurin, Eric / Petrongolo, Barbara
2011 Relative cohort size, relative income, and women's labor force participation 1968 - 2010Macunovich, Diane J.
2011 The effects of cooperation: A structural model of siblings' caregiving interactionsKnoef, Marike / Kooreman, Peter
2002 Economic incentives and gender differences in work absence behaviorBroström, Göran / Johansson, Per / Palme, Mårten
2012 Labour supply as a buffer: Evidence from UK householdsBenito, Andrew / Saleheen, Jumana
2013 Early to bed and earlier to rise: School, maternal employment, and children's sleepStewart, Jay Charles
2014 Do Preferences Impact Behavior and Wellbeing? A Panel Study of Preferred and Actual Working Time 2001-2008/09Bonke, Jens / Schultz-Nielsen, Marie Louise
2013 Worktime regulations and spousal labor supplyGoux, Dominique / Maurin, Eric / Petrongolo, Barbara

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