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2014 Optimal Unemployment Insurance and Welfare Benefits in a Life-cycle model of Family Labor Supply and SavingsHaan, Peter / Prowse, Victoria
2006 Introducing Family Tax Splitting in Germany: How Would It Affect the Income Distribution and Work Incentives?Steiner, Viktor / Wrohlich, Katharina
2006 Competitive Screening in Insurance Markets with Endogenous Labor SupplyNetzer, Nick / Scheuer, Florian
2014 Determinants of the weight for leisure in preferencesElgin, Ceyhun / Yucel, Emekcan
2005 'Making Work Pay' in a Rationed Labour Market: The Mini-Job Reform in GermanyBargain, Olivier / Caliendo, Marco / Haan, Peter / Orsini, Kristian
2011 Projeções de mão de obra qualificada no Brasil: Uma proposta inicial com cenários para a disponibilidade de engenheiros até 2020Pereira, Rafael Henrique Moraes / Nascimento, Paulo A. Meyer M. / Araújo, Thiago Costa
2005 Working Time as an Investment? The Effects of Unpaid Overtime on Wages, Promotions, and LayoffsAnger, Silke
2005 State Dependence and Female Labor Supply in Germany: The Extensive and the Intensive MarginHaan, Peter
2007 Intertemporal Labor Supply Effects of Tax ReformsHaan, Peter
2007 The Impact of Income Taxation on the Ratio between Reservation and Market Wages and the Incentives for Labour SupplyCaliendo, Marco / Gambaro, Ludovica / Haan, Peter

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