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2011 Estimating labor supply responses and welfare participation: Using a natural experiment to validate a structural labor supply modelHansen, Jorgen / Liu, Xingfei
2006 The expanding workweek? Understanding trends in long work hours among US men, 1979 - 2004Kuhn, Peter / Lozano, Fernando Antonio
2014 Do Preferences Impact Behavior and Wellbeing? A Panel Study of Preferred and Actual Working Time 2001-2008/09Bonke, Jens / Schultz-Nielsen, Marie Louise
2006 The economics of dual job holding: a job portfolio model of labor supplyRenna, Francesco / Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2005 The existence and persistence of long work hoursDrago, Robert William / Black, David / Wooden, Mark
2005 Stressed out on four continents: time crunch or yuppie kvetch?Hamermesh, Daniel S. / Lee, Jungmin
2005 Household access to microcredit and child work in rural MalawiHazarika, Gautam / Sarangi, Sudipta
2006 On the identification of Frisch labor suppliesDonni, Olivier
2008 Employment effects of welfare reforms: evidence from a dynamic structural life-cycle modelHaan, Peter / Prowse, Victoria / Uhlendorff, Arne
2008 Labour supply and taxesMeghir, Costas / Phillips, David

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