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2003 How Important Is Guaranteed or Institutionalised Overtime?Bell, David N.F.
2011 Firms' moral hazard in sickness absencesBöheim, René / Leoni, Thomas
2010 How responsive is female labour supply to child care costs: New australian estimatesGong, Xiaodong / Breunig, Robert / King, Anthony
2012 The healthy fright of losing a good one for a bad oneCristini, Annalisa / Origo, Federica / Pinoli, Sara
2014 Using Spatial Econometric Techniques to Analyze the Joint Employment Decisions of SpousesKalenkoski, Charlene M. / Lacombe, Donald J.
2011 Extensive and intensive margins of labour supply: Working hours in the US, UK and FranceBlundell, Richard / Bozio, Antoine / Laroque, Guy
2014 Can US Coordination Failure Explain Why Americans Work So Much More than Europeans?Schiff, Maurice
2012 What happened to God's time? The evolution of secularism and hours of work in America, evidence from religious holidaysLozano, Fernando A.
2012 The role of preferences and opportunity costs in determining the time allocated to houseworkStratton, Leslie S.
2013 U.S. versus Sweden: The Effect of Alternative In-Work Tax Credit Policies on Labour Supply of Single MothersAaberge, Rolf / Flood, Lennart

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