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2006 The effects of marginal employment on subsequent labour market outcomesBöheim, René / Weber, Andrea Maria
2014 Long Workweeks and Strange HoursHamermesh, Daniel S. / Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2014 Job Insecurity, Employability, and Health: An Analysis for Germany across GenerationsOtterbach, Steffen / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2014 The Effects of the Great Recession on Teenagers' Risky Health Behaviors and Time UsePabilonia, Sabrina Wulff
2014 Lifting the Burden: State Care of the Elderly and Labor Supply of Adult ChildrenLøken, Katrine Vellesen / Lundberg, Shelly / Riise Kolstad, Julie
2014 The Effect of Public Insurance Coverage for Childless Adults on Labor SupplyDague, Laura / DeLeire, Thomas / Leininger, Lindsey
2001 The Predictive Value of Subjective Labour Supply Data: A Dynamic Panel Data Model with Measurement ErrorEuwals, Rob
2000 Betit: A Family That Nests Probit and LogitVijverberg, Wim P. M.
2001 Old-Age Support in Developing Countries: Labor Supply, Intergenerational Transfers and Living ArrangementsCameron, Lisa / Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2012 For some mothers more than others: How children matter for labour market outcomes when both fertility and female employment are lowKarbownik, Krzysztof / Myck, Michal

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