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2009 Effect of labor division between wife and husband on the risk of divorce: evidence from German dataKraft, Kornelius / Neimann, Stefanie
2010 Labour supply and commutingGutiérrez-i-Puigarnau, Eva / van Ommeren, Jos
2009 Understanding the workweek of foreign born workers in the United StatesLozano, Fernando Antonio
2010 Why do BLS hours series tell different stories about trends in hours worked?Frazis, Harley / Stewart, Jay
2011 Employment, hours of work and the optimal taxation of low income familiesBlundell, Richard / Shephard, Andrew
2010 Who wants to work in a rural health post? The role of intrinsic motivation, rural background and faith-based institutions in Rwanda and EthiopiaSerneels, Pieter / Montalvo, Jose G. / Pettersson, Gunilla / Lievens, Tomas / Damascene Butera, Jean / Kidanu, Aklilu
2010 How do immigrants spend their time? The process of assimilationHamermesh, Daniel S. / Trejo, Stephen J.
2010 Intra-household labor supply, migration, and subsistence constraints in a risky environment: Evidence from rural El SalvadorHalliday, Timothy J.
2010 Do ethnic minorities 'stretch' their time? Evidence from the UK time use surveyZaiceva, Anzelika / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2011 Time costs of children as parents' foregone leisureEkert-Jaffe, Olivia / Grossbard, Shoshana

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