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2012 Between familial imprinting and institutional regulation: Family related employment interruptions of women in Germany before and after the German reunificationDrasch, Katrin
2009 Labor market participation: The impact of social benefits in the Czech RepublicFialová, Kamila / Mysíková, Martina
2009 A evolução da segregação por qualificação profissional ao nível das firmasBahia, Luiz Dias / Coelho, Danilo / Silva, Alexandre Messa / Soares, Sergei
26-Oct-2012 Critical Review of the Paper 'A Simple Model of Firm Heterogeneity, International Trade and Wages', Stephen Ross Yeaple (2005), Journal of International Economics, vol. 65, pp. 1-20Atif, Syed Muhammad
2014 Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A policy notede Dios, Emmanuel S. / Dinglasan, Katrina
2014 Values and labor force participation in the Nordic countriesHall, Axel / Zoega, Gylfi
2010 Kinderbetreuung, Fertilität und FrauenerwerbstätigkeitBorck, Rainald
2010 Jobs in Springfield, Massachusetts: Understanding and remedying the causes of low resident employment ratesKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Muñoz, Ana Patricia / Browne, Lynn / Green, DeAnna / Benton, Marques / Chakrabarti, Prabal / Walker, Richard / Zhao, Bo
1999 Getting the unemployed back to work: the role of targeted wage subsidiesBell, Brian / Blundell, Richard / Reenen, John Van
2013 What can wages and employment tell us about the UK's productivity puzzle?Blundell, Richard / Crawford, Claire / Wenchao Michelle Jin Crawford, Claire

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