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DateTitle Authors
2003 Gerontocracy in motion? : European cross-country evidence on the labor market consequences of population ageingFertig, Michael / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2002 On Market Forces and Human EvolutionSaint-Paul, Gilles
2005 Extending Health Care Coverage to the Low-Income Population: The Influence of the Wisconsin BadgerCare Program on Labor Market OutcomesWolfe, Barbara / Kaplan, Thomas / Haveman, Robert / Cho, Yoon Young
2005 The Impact of Employment Protection Mandates on Demographic Temporary Employment Patterns: International Microeconomic EvidenceKahn, Lawrence M.
2009 Female labor supply and parental leave benefits: the causal effect of paying higher transfers for a shorter period of timeBergemann, Annette / Riphahn, Regina T.
2009 Income support systems, labour supply incentives and employment: Some cross-country evidenceForslund, Anders / Fredriksson, Peter
2009 Outsourcing motives, location choice and labour market implications: an empirical analysis for European countriesNeureiter, Marcus / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 An Evaluation of the Swedish Earned Income Tax CreditEdmark, Karin / Liang, Che-Yuan / Mörk, Eva / Selin, Håkan
2013 Self-employment and the local business cycleSvaleryd, Helena
2012 Evaluation of the Swedish earned income tax creditEdmark, Karin / Liang, Che-Yuan / Mörk, Eva / Selin, Håkan

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