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2007 The impact of cohort size and local labor market conditions on human capital accumulation in EuropeMiddendorf, Torge
2012 Personality traits and the marriage marketDupuy, Arnaud / Galichon, Alfred
2007 Wages and ageing: is there evidence for the inverse-U profile?Myck, Michał
2009 Labour supply incentives, income support systems and taxes in SwedenForslund, Anders
2009 Will there be a shortage of skilled labor? An East German perspective to 2015Buscher, Herbert S. / Dettmann, Eva / Sunder, Marco / Trocka, Dirk
2011 The employment effects of immigration: Evidence from the mass arrival of German expellees in post-war GermanyBraun, Sebastian / Omar Mahmoud, Toman
2010 The self-employment of immigrants and natives in Sweden: To what extent is it the 'immigrant group' or the 'labour market context' that affects the self-employment of individuals in Sweden?Ohlsson, Henrik / Broomé, Per / Bevelander, Pieter
2008 Age, occupations, and opportunities for older workers in GermanyHenseke, Golo / Tivig, Thusnelda
2007 Aging in German industries and selected professionsHenseke, Golo / Hetze, Pascal / Tivig, Thusnelda
2012 The determinants of rural migrants' employment choice in China: Results from a joint estimationCui, Yuling / Nahm, Daehoon / Tani, Massimiliano

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