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2011 Efficiency and labor market dynamics in a model of labor selectionChugh, Sanjay K. / Merkl, Christian
2010 Fiscal Multipliers and the Labour Market in the Open EconomyMerkl, Christian / Faia, Ester / Lechthaler, Wolfgang
2010 Fiscal multipliers and the labour market in the open economyFaia, Ester / Lechthaler, Wolfgang / Merkl, Christian
2013 Short-time compensation as a tool to mitigate job loss? Evidence on the US experience during the recent recessionAbraham, Katharine G. / Houseman, Susan N.
2010 Macroeconomic volatilities and the labor market: First results from the euro experimentMerkl, Christian / Schmitz, Tom
2013 If at first you don't succeed? Fieldwork, panel attrition, and health-employment inferences in BHPS and HILDAPudney, Stephen / Watson, Nicole
2013 What explains the stagnation of female labor force participation in urban India?Klasen, Stephan / Pieters, Janneke
2010 The tragedy of annuitizationHeijdra, Ben J. / Mierau, Jochen O. / Reijnders, Laurie S. M.
2002 Life Satisfaction Differences between Workers and Non-Workers - The Value of Participation per sevan Praag, Bernard M.S. / Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
2011 Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? On educational risk and the quality of educationSchindler, Dirk / Weigert, Benjamin

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