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2014 The Effect of (Mostly Unskilled) Immigration on the Innovation of Italian RegionsBratti, Massimiliano / Conti, Chiara
2012 Grandparents' childcare and female labor force participationPosadas, Josefina / Vidal-Fernández, Marian
2011 Time-bound opportunity costs of informal care: Consequences for access to professional care, caregiver support, and labour supply estimatesHassink, Wolter / van den Berg, Bernard
2003 Reform-Notwendigkeiten der Alters- und Gesundheitsvorsorge: Zwölf ThesenSiebert, Horst
2014 Before-after differences in labor market outcomes for participants in medical rehabilitation in GermanyFischer, Sebastian / Petrunyk, Inna / Pfeifer, Christian / Wiemer, Anita
Dec-2007 How restructuring is changing occupations? Case study evidence from knowledge-intensive, manufacturing and service occupationsValenduc, Gérard / Vendramin, Patricia / Krings, Bettina / Nierling, Linda
2012 Challenges and policy lessons for the growth-employment-poverty nexus in developing countriesFields, Gary S.
2010 Desafios para a inclusão produtiva das famílias vulneráveis: Uma análise exploratóriade Castro, Jorge Abrahão / Satyro, Natália / Ribeiro, José Aparecido / Soares, Sergei
2004 The transition into work - specialities for the hidden labour force in comparison to other economically inactive personsHolst, Elke / Spieß, Christa Katharina
2014 Evaluating the Effect of Beauty on Labor Market Outcomes: A Review of the LiteratureLiu, Xing (Michelle) / Sierminska, Eva

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