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2014 Dealing with randomisation bias in a social experiment: The case of ERASianesi, Barbara
2013 Parental leave benefit and differential fertility responses: Evidence from a German reformCygan-Rehm, Kamila
2013 Old-age government transfers and the crowding out of private gifts: The 70 and above program for the rural elderly in MexicoAmuedo Dorantes, Catalina / Juarez Gonzalez, Laura
2007 The Mincer human capital model in Pakistan: Implications for educational policyAbbasa, Qaisar / Foreman-Peck, James
2014 Are 12 Years of Schooling Sufficient for Preparation for Tertiary Education? Evidence from the Reform of Secondary School Duration in GermanyMeyer, Tobias / Thomsen, Stephan
2014 The Effect of Early Universal Daycare on Child Weight ProblemsLauber, Verena / Thomas, Lampert
2014 Over-aging - Are present human populations too old?Stelter, Robert
2008 Does welfare reform affect fertility? Evidence from the UKBrewer, Mike / Ratcliffe, Anita / Smith, Sarah
2005 Long-term effects of a mandatory multistage program: The new deal for young people in the UKDe Giorgi, Giacomo
2001 No more skivvy schemes? Active labour market policies and the British new deal for the young unemployed in contextVan Reenen, John

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