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2010 What is the value of hazardous weather forecasts? Evidence from a survey of backcountry skiersAlberini, Anna / Rheinberger, Christoph M. / Leiter, Andrea / McCormick, Charles A. / Mizrahi, Andrew
2010 Does the cause of death matter? The effect of dread, controllability, exposure and latency on the VslAlberini, Anna / Ščasný, Milan
2005 Der Einfluss unbeobachteter Heterogenität auf kompensatorische Lohndifferentiale und den Wert eines statistischen Lebens: Eine mikroökonometrische Parallelanalyse mit IABS und SOEPSchaffner, Sandra / Spengler, Hannes
2009 The Value of a Statistical Injury: New Evidence from the Swiss Labor MarketKuhn, Andreas / Ruf, Oliver
2006 The welfare costs of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe: An empirical assessment using the economic value-of-life approachFimpel, Julia / Stolpe, Michael
2007 Using Job Changes to Evaluate the Bias of the Value of a Statistical LifeSpengler, Hannes / Schaffner, Sandra
2007 Using job changes to evaluate the bias of the value of a statistical lifeSpengler, Hannes / Schaffner, Sandra
2013 The Emotional Timeline of Unemployment: Anticipation, Reaction, and Adaptationvon Scheve, Christian / Esche, Frederike / Schupp, Jürgen
2013 The emotional timeline of unemployment: Anticipation, reaction, and adaptionvon Scheve, Christian / Esche, Frederike / Schupp, Jürgen
2012 Value of time: Speeding behavior and gasoline pricesWolff, Hendrik

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