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DateTitle Authors
2004 Kompensatorische Lohndifferenziale und der Wert eines statistischen Lebens in DeutschlandSpengler, Hannes
2011 The role of mothers and fathers in providing skills: Evidence from parental deathsAdda, Jérôme / Björklund, Anders / Holmlund, Helena
2011 Health and Education: Understanding the GradientStrulik, Holger
2011 Optimal Aging with Uncertain DeathStrulik, Holger
2002 Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical LifeAshenfelter, Orley C. / Greenstone, Michael
2007 Gender Wage Differentials and the Occupational Injury Risk - Evidence from Germany and the USKluve, Jochen / Schaffner, Sandra
2003 Individual Mortality and Macro-Economic Conditions from Birth to DeathLindeboom, Maarten / Portrait, France / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2010 Evaluating human life using court decisions on damages for pain and sufferingLeiter, Andrea / Thöni, Magdalena / Winner, Hannes
2008 Dying in an avalanche: Current risks and their valuationLeiter, Andrea M. / Pruckner, Gerald J.
2007 Proportionality of willingness to pay to small changes in risk: The impact of attitudinal factors in scope testsLeiter, Andrea M. / Pruckner, Gerald J.

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