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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Industry-Level Labour Demand Elasticities Across the Eurozone: Will There Be Any Gain After the Pain of Internal Devaluation?Adam, Antonis; Moutos, Thomas
2010Diversity, social goods provision, and performance in the firmEllison, Sara; Greenbaum, Jeffrey; Mullin, Wallace P.
2013Is the willingness to take financial risk a sex-linked trait? Evidence from national surveys of household financeBarasinska, Nataliya; Schäfer, Dorothea
2010Are Women More Credit-Constrained than Men? Evidence from a Rising Credit MarketBarasinska, Nataliya; Schäfer, Dorothea
2010Does gender affect funding success at the peer-to-peer credit markets? Evidence from the largest German lending platformBarasinska, Nataliya; Schäfer, Dorothea
2015Exporters and wage inequality during the Great Recession: Evidence from GermanyDauth, Wolfgang; Schmerer, Hans-Joerg; Winkler, Erwin
2015What drives the reversal of the gender education gap? Evidence from GermanyRiphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2012Does immigration into their neighborhoods incline voters toward the extreme right? The case of the freedom Party of AustriaHalla, Martin; Wagner, Alexander F.; Zweimüller, Josef
2009Globalization, creative destruction, and labor share change: Evidence on the determinants and mechanism from longitudinal plant-level dataMaliranta, Mika; Böckerman, Petri
2007Winners and losers: A micro-level analysis of international outsourcing and wagesGeishecker, Ingo; Görg, Holger