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2010 Domestic violenceand labor market outcomes: Evidence from a mixed-race developing countryCanavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo / Rios Avila, Fernando
2011 The effect of immigration on the school performance of natives: Cross country evidence using PISA test scoresBrunello, Giorgio / Rocco, Lorenzo
2013 The Consequences of Cumulative Discrimination: How Special Schooling Influences Employment and Wages of Roma in the Czech RepublicO'Higgins, Niall / Brüggemann, Christian
2013 Earnings Growth of Mexican Immigrants: New versus Traditional DestinationsKaushal, Neeraj / Shang, Ce
2013 Neighbourhood Selection of Non-Western Ethnic Minorities: Testing the Own-Group Preference Hypothesis Using a Conditional Logit ModelBoschman, Sanne / van Ham, Maarten
2013 Why Does the Health of Immigrants Deteriorate? Evidence from Birth RecordsGiuntella, Osea
2013 The Making of Middle Class in Africa: Evidence from DHS DataNcube, Mthuli / Shimeles, Abebe
2013 Indian Entrepreneurial Success in the United States, Canada and the United KingdomFairlie, Robert W. / Krashinsky, Harry A. / Zissimopoulos, Julie / Kumar, Krishna B.
2011 The American family in black and white: A post-racial strategy for improving skills to promote equalityHeckman, James J.
2011 Rental housing discrimination and the persistence of ethnic enclavesBosch, Mariano / Carnero, M. Angeles / Farré, Lídia

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