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1999 Irish Migration: Characteristics, Causes and ConsequencesBarrett, Alan
2002 The Effect of Immigration on Wages in Three European CountriesHartog, Joop / Zorlu, Aslan
2000 Immigration in a High Unemployment Economy: The Recent Danish ExperiencePedersen, Peder J.
2000 Racial and Economic Factors in Attitudes to ImmigrationDustmann, Christian / Preston, Ian
2001 The Educational Attainment of Second Generation Immigrants in The Netherlandsvan Ours, Jan C. / Veenman, Justus
2002 The Determinants of the Geographic Concentration among Immigrants: Application to AustraliaChiswick, Barry R. / Lee, Yew Liang / Miller, Paul W.
2013 Empirical characteristics of legal and illegal immigrants in the USCaponi, Vincenzo / Plesca, Miana
2014 Britishness and identity assimilation among the UK's minority and majority ethnic groupsNandi, Alita / Platt, Lucinda
2012 Sources of anti-immigration attitudes in the United Kingdom: The impact of population, labour market and skills contextMarkaki, Yvonni
2010 Intergenerational returns to migration? Comparing educational performance on both sides of the German borderLuthra, Renee Reichl

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