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2003 Analysis of the determinants of fertility decline in the Czech RepublicKlasen, Stephan / Launov, Andrey
2012 Do babysitters have more kids? The effects of teenage work experiences on adult outcomesErdogan, Zeynep / Jacobsen, Joyce P. / Kooreman, Peter
2013 Assessing the Impact of the Maternity Capital Policy in Russia Using a Dynamic Model of Fertility and EmploymentSlonimczyk, Fabian / Yurko, Anna
2013 Child Labor and LearningEmerson, Patrick M. / Ponczek, Vladimir / Portela Souza, André
2012 The impact of pre-school on adolescents' outcomes: Evidence from a recent English cohortApps, Patricia / Mendolia, Silvia / Walker, Ian
2009 Childcare Costs and the Demand for Children: Evidence from a Nationwide ReformMörk, Eva / Sjögren, Anna / Svaleryd, Helena
2010 How responsive is female labour supply to child care costs: New australian estimatesGong, Xiaodong / Breunig, Robert / King, Anthony
2012 For some mothers more than others: How children matter for labour market outcomes when both fertility and female employment are lowKarbownik, Krzysztof / Myck, Michal
2009 How do adolescents spell time use?Kalenkoski, Charlene Marie / Ribar, David C. / Stratton, Leslie Sundt
1999 Policy programmes only for a few? Participation in labour market programmes among Swedish disabled workersMelkersson, Maria

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