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2012 For some mothers more than others: How children matter for labour market outcomes when both fertility and female employment are lowKarbownik, Krzysztof / Myck, Michal
2013 Time investment by parents in cognitive and non-cognitive childcare activitiesSepahvand, Mohammad / Shahbazian, Roujman / Swain, Ranjula Bali
2007 Do reduced child care prices make parents work more?Lundin, Daniela / Mörk, Eva / Öckert, Björn
2010 Does providing childcare to unemployed affect unemployment duration?Vikman, Ulrika
2009 The causal effect of teen motherhood on worklessnessWalker, Ian / Zhu, Yu
2000 Who Takes Care of the Children? The quantity–-quality model revisitedLundholm, Michael / Ohlsson, Henry
2013 Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection, and the Criminal Activity of the 'Children of the Wall'Chevalier, Arnaud / Marie, Olivier
2010 Should day care be subsidized?Domeij, David / Klein, Paul
2012 The effect of child care on family structure: Theory and evidenceBauernschuster, Stefan / Borck, Rainald
2010 Social class and the fertility transition: A critical comment on the statistical results reported in Simon Szreter's fertility, class and gender in Britain, 1986-1940Barnes, Geoffrey / Guinnane, Timothy W.

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