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2009 Religion, human capital investments and the family in the United StatesLehrer, Evelyn Lilian
2005 Birth order matters: the effect of family size and birth order on educational attainmentBooth, Alison L. / Kee, Hiau Joo
2004 Religion as a Determinant of Economic and Demographic Behavior in the United StatesLehrer, Evelyn Lilian
2003 Transitions in Welfare Participation and Female HeadshipFitzgerald, John M. / Ribar, David C.
2004 Marital Fertility and Religion : Recent Changes in SpainAdsera, Alicia
2002 On Market Forces and Human EvolutionSaint-Paul, Gilles
2002 Public Policy and the Labor Market Adjustment of New Immigrants to AustraliaCobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2008 Involuntary integration in public education, fertility and human capitalAzarnert, Leonid V.
2003 The emergence of correlations in studies of global economic inter-dependence and contagionFriedman, Eric J. / Johnson, Simon / Landsberg, A. S.
2008 Distribution and labour market incentives in the welfare state: Danish experiencesAndersen, Torben M. / Haagen Pedersen, Lars

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