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DateTitle Authors
2010 Youth labour markets in Europe and Central AsiaO'Higgins, Niall
2013 Understanding Severance PayParsons, Donald O.
2013 Does Federally-Funded Job Training Work? Nonexperimental Estimates of WIA Training Impacts Using Longitudinal Data on Workers and FirmsAndersson, Fredrik / Holzer, Harry J. / Lane, Julia / Rosenblum, David / Smith, Jeffrey A.
2013 How long and how much? Learning about the design of wage subsidies from policy discontinuitiesSjögren, Anna / Vikström, Johan
2013 Job practice: An evaluation and a comparison with vocational labour market training programmesForslund, Anders / Liljeberg, Linus / von Trott zu Solz, Leah
2009 Long-term impact of youth minimum wages: evidence from two decades of individual longitudinal dataCardoso, Ana Rute
2009 Credit constraints and the persistence of unemploymentDromel, Nicolas / Kolakez, Elie / Lehmann, Etienne
2008 Voting in the European Union: Central Europe's lost voiceSchneider, Ondřej
2011 A labor market approach to the crisis of health care professionals in AfricaAndalón, Mabel / Fields, Gary
2011 The Japanese lost decade and beyond: A chain reaction theory approachAgnese, Pablo

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