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DateTitle Authors
Apr-2014 Labor Force Participation Rate and Economic Growth: Observations for TurkeyKargi, Bilal
2013 Workplace Heterogeneity and the Rise of West German Wage InequalityHeining, Jörg / Card, David / Kline, Patrick
2012 Applying the capability approach empirically: An overview with special attention to laborLeßmann, Ortrud
2008 Downsizing the labor force by low and high profit firms: an experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Paul, Christian
2010 Uniform confidence bands for pricing kernelsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Okhrin, Yarema / Wang, Weining
2009 Horizontal mergers, involuntary unemployment, and welfareBudzinski, Oliver / Kretschmer, Jürgen-Peter
2012 Wage setting in Hungary: Evidence from a firm surveyKézdi, Gábor / Kónya, István
2012 Job loss fears and (extremist) party identification: First evidence from panel dataGeishecker, Ingo / Siedler, Thomas
2010 A Structural Vector Autorgressive (SVAR) model for the Hungarian labour marketJakab, Zoltán M. / Kaponya, Éva
2010 Interrelationships among locus of control and years in management and unemployment: Differences by genderTrzcinski, Eileen / Holst, Elke

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