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2011 Protecting Workers against Unemployment in UruguayAmarante, Veronica / Arim, Rodrigo / Dean, Andres
2014 Locus of Control and the Labor MarketCobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2007 Demand volatility and the lag between the growth of temporary and permanent employmentJin, Sainan / Ono, Yukako / Zhang, Qinghua
2013 What can wages and employment tell us about the UK's productivity puzzle?Blundell, Richard / Crawford, Claire / Wenchao Michelle Jin Crawford, Claire
2014 The Evolution of Rotation Group Bias: Will the Real Unemployment Rate Please Stand Up?Krueger, Alan B. / Mas, Alexandre / Niu, Xiaotong
2010 Are attitudes towards economic risk heritable? Analyses using the Australian twin study of gamblingLe, Anh Tram / Miller, Paul W. / Slutske, Wendy S. / Martin, Nicholas G.
2014 Employment Industry and Occupational Continuity in Germany: From the Nazi Regime to the Post-War Economic MiraclePuhani, Patrick A.
2013 A structural model of educational attainment in CanadaHansen, Jörgen / Liu, Xingfei
2010 The prostitute's allure: Examining returns to beauty, productivity and discriminationArunachalam, Raj / Shah, Manisha
2013 Making It Real: The Benefits of Workplace Learning in Upper-Secondary VET CoursesPolidano, Cain / Tabasso, Domenico

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