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DateTitle Authors
2009 Social Preferences and CompetitionSchmidt, Klaus M.
2008 Explaining and forecasting results of the Self-Sufficiency ProjectFerrall, Christopher
2012 Internal migration and life satisfaction: Well-being effects of moving as a young adultSwitek, Malgorzata
2010 Extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motives: Standard and behavioral approaches to agency and labor marketsRebitzer, James B. / Taylor, Lowell J.
2010 Disposable workforce in ItalyContini, Bruno / Grand, Elisa
2010 Youth employment in Europe: institutions and social capital explain better than mainstream economicsContini, Bruno
2009 IQ and family background: are associations strong or weak?Björklund, Anders / Eriksson, Karin Hederos / Jäntti, Markus
2010 Employment, inequality and the UK national minimum wage over the medium-termDolton, Peter / Rosazza-Bondibene, Chiara / Wadsworth, Jonathan
2010 Don't spread yourself too thin: The impact of task juggling on workers' speed of job completionCoviello, Decio / Ichino, Andrea / Persico, Nicola
2014 A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market: 2014-2015 EditionCawley, John H.

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