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2012 O que se sabe sobre os efeitos das transferências de renda sobre a oferta de trabalhode Oliveira, Luis Felipe Batista / Soares, Sergei S. D.
2009 Os idosos em situação de dependência e a proteção social no BrasilBatista, Analia Soria / Jaccoud, Luciana / Aquino, Luseni / El- Moor, Patrícia Dario
2012 What makes people anxious about life after the age of 65? Evidence from international survey research in Japan, the United States, and ChinaKadoya, Yoshihiko
2013 Shocks to Philippine households: Incidence, idiosyncrasy and impactCapuno, Joseph J. / Kraft, Aleli D. / Quimbo, Stella A. / Tan, Carlos Antonio R.
2014 The Effect of Workfare on Crime: Incapacitation and Program EffectsFallesen, Peter / Pico Geerdsen, Lars / Imai, Susumu / Tranæs, Torben
2010 Child poverty in the UK since 1998-99: Lessons from the past decadeBrewer, Mike / Browne, James / Joyce, Robert / Sibieta, Luke
2004 Breaking the cycle? The effect of education on welfare receipt among children of welfare recipientsCoelli, Michael B. / Green, David Alan / Warburton, William P.
2011 The impact of a time-limited, targeted in-work benefit in the medium-term: An evaluation of In Work CreditBrewer, Mike / Browne, James / Chowdry, Haroon / Crawford, Claire
2014 The impact of Philippines' conditional cash transfer program on consumptionTutor, Melba V.
2014 Are Parental Welfare Work Requirements Good for Disadvantaged Children? Evidence from Age-of-Youngest-Child ExemptionsHerbst, Chris M.

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