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2002 Are People Inequality Averse, and Do They Prefer Redistribution by the State? Evidence From German Longitudinal Data on Life SatisfactionSchwarze, Johannes / Härpfer, Marco
2005 Unterschiede im Freizeitverhalten: Ausdruck sozialer Ungleichheitsstrukturen oder Ergebnis individualisierter Lebensführung?Isengard, Bettina
2011 Heterogeneity in the relationship between happiness and age: Evidence from the German socio-economic panelBaetschmann, Gregori
2014 Reduction in income inequality falteringGrabka, Markus M. / Goebel, Jan
2002 What accounts for the emergence of Malthusian fertility in transition economies?Micevska, Maja B. / Zak, Paul J.
2014 Energy Prices, Energy Poverty, and Well-Being: Evidence for European CountriesWelsch, Heinz / Biermann, Philipp
2014 Are there Business Cycles beyond GDP? Alternative Measures to GDP at Business Cycle FrequenciesMaschke, Philip / Döpke, Jörg
2008 The conflictive relationship between satisfaction and incomeLora, Eduardo / Chaparro, Juan Camilo
2014 Multidimensional affluence in income and wealth in the eurozone: A cross country comparison using the HFCSKontbay-Busun, Sine / Peichl, Andreas
2014 Zukunftsangst! Fear of (and hope for) the huture and its impact on life satisfactionPiper, Alan

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