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2015 A bitter choice turned sweet: How acknowledging individuals' concern at having a low relative income serves to align utilitarianism and egalitarianismStark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin / Kobus, Martyna
2010 Insurance Market with Self-Protection Activities and Risk Interdependencies: Profits, Market Structure, and Risk ExposureHofmann, Annette
2014 Unmet Aspirations as an Explanation for the Age U-shape in WellbeingSchwandt, Hannes
2009 Education and democratic preferencesChong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2015 Partial Insurance and Investments in ChildrenCarneiro, Pedro / Ginja, Rita
2008 The Bias of the Gini Coefficient due to GroupingOurti, Tom Van / Clarke, Philip
2013 Explaining rising Income inequality in Germany, 1991-2010Schmid, Kai Daniel / Stein, Ulrike
2006 The temporal welfare state: a cross-national comparisonRice, James Mahmud / Goodin, Robert E. / Parpo, Antti
2005 Determinants of minority: white differentials in child povertyElmelech, Yuval
2013 Maternity Leave and the Responsiveness of Female Labor Supply to a Household ShockTominey, Emma

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