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2010 The relationship between government expenditure and poverty: A cointegration analysisMehmood, Rashid / Sadiq, Sara
2007 Economic inequality and health: Looking beyond aggregate indicatorsBöckerman, Petri / Johansson, Edvard / Helakorpi, Satu / Uutela, Antti
2011 Globalization and welfare state: The effect on health systemsPapaelias, Theodore
2010 Subjective Well Being and the Impact of Climate ChangeGrün, Carola / Grunewald, Nicole
2015 Height, Weight and Well-Being for Rural, Urban and Migrant Workers in ChinaLee, Wang-Sheng / Zhao, Zhong
2006 Sources and utilization of foodstuffs in Belarusian households: results of the Grodno households surveySchmitz, Susanne / Brosig, Stephan / Degtiarevich, Josif J. / Degtiarevich, Irina J. / Grings, Michael
2013 Family care-giving and religion: Evidence from micro-data in the United StatesKadoya, Yoshihiko / Green, David
2014 National Happiness and Genetic Distance: A Cautious ExplorationProto, Eugenio / Oswald, Andrew J.
2014 And the Winners Are…: An Axiomatic Approach to Selection from a SetChecchi, Daniele / De Fraja, Gianni / Verzillo, Stefano
2006 A note on decomposing differences in poverty incidence using regression estimates: algorithm and exampleBhaumik, Sumon Kumar / Gang, Ira N. / Yun, Myeong-Su

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