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2013 Educational vouchers: Freedom to choose?Reel, Jordan / Block, Walter E.
2014 Who cares about the democratic mandate of education? A text analysis of the Swedish secondary education reform of 2009Adman, Per
2014 Does Technology in Schools Affect Repetition, Dropout and Enrollment? Evidence from PeruCristia, Julian / Czerwonko, Alejo / Garofalo, Pablo
2006 Educational effects of alternative secondary school tracking regimes in GermanyWeber, Andrea Maria
2007 What can go wrong will go wrong: birthday effects and early tracking in the German school systemJürges, Hendrik / Schneider, Kerstin
2013 Can't buy mommy's love? Universal childcare and children's long-term cognitive developmentFelfe, Christina / Nollenberger, Natalia / Rodríguez-Planas, Núria
2015 Virtually No Effect? Different Uses of Classroom Computers and their Effect on Student AchievementFalck, Oliver / Mang, Constantin / Woessmann, Ludger
2014 Conditional Gender Peer Effects?Iversen, Jon Marius Vaag / Bonesrønning, Hans
2012 Institutional determinants of intergenerational education transmission: Comparing alternative mechanisms for natives and immigrantsBauer, Philipp C. / Riphahn, Regina T.
2015 Children of Migrants: The Impact of Parental Migration on Their Children's Education and Health OutcomesMeng, Xin / Yamauchi, Chikako

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