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DateTitle Authors
2006 Studiengebühren in Deutschland: Drei Thesen und ihr empirischer GehaltJaneba, Eckhard / Kemnitz, Alexander / Ehrhart, Nick
2011 The impact of peer ability and heterogeneity on student achievement: Evidence from a natural experimentKiss, David
2000 Enrolments in higher education in West Germany: the impact of social background, labour market returns and educational fundingLauer, Charlotte
2007 Educational Effects of Early or Later Secondary School Tracking in GermanyMühlenweg, Andrea Maria
2010 Teaching, organization, and personal problems: Evidence from reforming tertiary education in GermanyMühlenweg, Andrea M.
2012 Access to Preprimary Education and Progression in Primary School: Evidence from Rural GuatemalaBastos, Paulo / Bottan, Nicolas / Cristia, Julian
2014 Does Technology in Schools Affect Repetition, Dropout and Enrollment? Evidence from PeruCristia, Julian / Czerwonko, Alejo / Garofalo, Pablo
2010 Migration Background and School Tracking: Is there a Double Disadvantage for Second-Generation Immigrants?Lüdemann, Elke / Schwerdt, Guido
2013 Do university policies matter? Effects of Course Policies on PerformanceOstermaier, Andreas / Beltz, Philipp / Link, Susanne
2013 Externalities and subsidization of higher educationWinter, Stefan / Pfitztner, Alexander

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