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2009 Voting on labour-market integration and education policy when citizens differ in mobility and abilityHaupt, Alexander / Uebelmesser, Silke
2007 Taxing human capital efficiently: the double dividend of taxing nonqualified labour more heavily than qualified labourRichter, Wolfram F.
2011 On the design of education conditional cash transfer programs and non education outcomes: The case of teenage pregnancyCortés, Darwin / Gallego, Juan / Maldonado, Darío
2007 Intergenerational transmission of educational attainment in Germany: the last five decadesHeineck, Guido / Riphahn, Regina T.
2008 Financial student aid and enrollment into higher education: new evidence from GermanySteiner, Viktor / Wrohlich, Katharina
2013 Effects of the Pre-K program of Kalamazoo County Ready 4s on Kindergarten entry test scores: Estimates based on data from the fall of 2011 and the fall of 2012Bartik, Timothy J.
2013 Investments in education: The early years offer great potentialSpieß, C. Katharina
2009 Expected future earnings, taxation, and university enrollment: a microeconometric model with uncertaintyFossen, Frank M. / Glocker, Daniela
2009 Do tuition fees affect the mobility of university applicants? Evidence from a natural experimentDwenger, Nadja / Storck, Johanna / Wrohlich, Katharina
2009 Assessment drives learning : the effect of central exit exams on curricular knowledge and mathematical literacyJürges, Hendrik / Schneider, Kerstin / Senkbeil, Martin / Carstensen, Claus H.

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