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2013 Stand and Deliver: Effects of Boston's Charter High School on College Preparation, Entry, and ChoiceAngrist, Joshua D. / Cohodes, Sarah R. / Dynarski, Susan M. / Pathak, Parag A. / Walters, Christopher R.
2005 Spillovers in Vocational Training. An Analysis of Incentive SchemesBornemann, Stefan
2010 Efficient Subsidization of Human Capital Accumulation with Overlapping Generations and Endogenous GrowthBraun, Christoph / Richter, Wolfram F.
2010 Entry regulation and entrepreneurship: Empirical evidence from a German natural experimentRostam-Afschar, Davud
2013 Retiree Health Insurance for Public School Employees: Does it Affect Retirement?Fitzpatrick, Maria D.
2011 Competition for the International Pool of Talent: Education Policy and Student MobilityKrieger, Tim / Haupt, Alexander M. / Lange, Thomas
2009 A comparative survey of structural characteristics of Finnish university departmentsDeschryvere, Matthias
2003 Does School Competition Matter? Effects of a Large-Scale School Choice Reform on Student PerformanceAhlin, Åsa
2005 Bildungsreform und Werteerziehung: Eine ökonomische BetrachtungLangner, Benedikt
2011 On the optimal allocation of students when peer effects are at work: tracking vs. mixingHidalgo-Hidalgo, Marisa

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