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2012 What happens after enrollment? An analysis of the time path of racial differences in GPA and major choiceArcidiacono, Peter / Aucejo, Esteban M. / Spenner, Ken
2013 What drives the relevance and reputation of economics journals? An update from a survey among economistsHaucap, Justus / Muck, Johannes
2005 Lost, dysfunctional or evolving? A view of business schools from Silicon ValleyEischen, Kyle / Singh, Nirvikar
2010 Two for the price of one? The contribution to development of the new female elitesWolf, Alison
2010 A képzési terület és a felsőoktatási intézmény hatása a fiatal diplomások munkaerő-piaci sikerességére a 2000-es évek végénVarga, Júlia
2015 Academic Achievements: Grades versus DurationBrugiavini, Agar / Carraro, Carlo / Kovacic, Matija
2011 Competing in the higher education market: Empirical evidence for economies of scale and scope in German higher education institutionsOlivares, Maria / Wetzel, Heike
2009 Stufenmodell oder Leistungspunkte? Die Vergabe besonderer Leistungsbezüge an deutschen UniversitätenLünstroth, Pia
2009 Science and teaching: Two-dimensional signalling in the academic job marketSchneider, Andrea
2010 Do bans on affirmative action hurt minority students? Evidence from the Texas Top 10% PlanCortes, Kalena E.

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