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2011 Adverse selection and incentives in an early retirement programWhelan, Kenneth T. / Ehrenberg, Ronald G. / Hallock, Kevin F. / Seeber, Ronald L.
2011 Publishing trends in economics across colleges and universities, 1991 - 2007Winkler, Anne E. / Levin, Sharon G. / Stephan, Paula E. / Glänzel, Wolfgang
2012 Student loans in a tiebout model of higher educationSchwager, Robert
2007 Today?s German Universities and dynamic education webs: does it fit?Voigtländer, Christine / Breitner, Michael H.
2011 Shortening university career fades the signal away. Evidence from ItalyCastagnetti, Carolina / Dal Bianco, Silvia / Rosti, Luisa
2013 Do university policies matter? Effects of Course Policies on PerformanceOstermaier, Andreas / Beltz, Philipp / Link, Susanne
2013 The effect of tuition fees on student enrollment and location choice: Interregional migration, border effects and gender differencesAlecke, Björn / Burgard, Claudia / Mitze, Timo
2009 Science and teaching: Two-dimensional signalling in the academic job marketSchneider, Andrea
2012 Like father(s), like son(s): Does the relation between advisor and student productivity persist on group level?Breuninger, Susanne / Pull, Kerstin / Pferdmenges, Birgit
2012 Educação superior uma comparação internacional e suas lições para o BrasilVonbun, Christian / de Oliveira Mendonça, João Luís

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