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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003From Welfare to Work: Evaluating a Proposed Tax and Benefit Reform Targeted at Single Mothers in SwedenFlood, Lennart; Pylkkänen, Elina; Wahlberg, Roger
2011Immigration and status exchange in Australia and the United StatesChoi, Kate H.; Tienda, Marta; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Sinning, Mathias
2014The distribution of college graduate debt, 1990 to 2008: A decomposition approachHershbein, Brad J.; Hollenbeck, Kevin
2009How much are we willing to pay to send poor adolescents to school? Simulating changes to Mexico's Oportunidades in urban areasAzevedo, Viviane; Bouillon, César P.; Yáñez-Pagans, Patricia
2010Gestión y eficiencia en el gasto de funcionamiento universitarioGarcía García, Agustín; de la Maya Retamar, David; García Iglesias, Jesús M.
2013Did the 2007 welfare reforms for low income parents in Australia increase welfare exits?Fok, Yin King; McVicar, Duncan
2015Finance for All: The Impact of Financial Literacy Training in Compulsory Secondary Education in SpainHospido, Laura; Villanueva, Ernesto; Zamarro, Gema
2015Coming to work while sick: An economic theory of presenteeism with an application to German dataHirsch, Boris; Lechmann, Daniel S. J.; Schnabel, Claus
2014Brain Drain, Educational Quality and Immigration Policy: Impact on Productive Human Capital in Source and Host Countries, with Canada as a Case StudySchiff, Maurice
2008Financial literacy of youth: A sensitivity analysis of the determinantsSamy, Martin; Tawfik, H.; Huang, R.; Nagar, A. K.