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2008 Inequality of learning amongst immigrant children in industrialised countriesSchnepf, Sylke Viola
2008 The rise and fall of the American Jewish PhDChiswick, Barry R.
2008 The role of educational choice in occupational gender segregation: evidence from Trinidad and TobagoSookram, Sandra / Strobl, Eric
2008 Residential peer effects in higher education: does the field of study matter?Brunello, Giorgio / de Paola, Maria / Scoppa, Vincenzo
2007 Why are Hispanic and African-American dropout rates so high?Lofstrom, Magnus
2009 Does public information about school quality lead to flight from low-achieving schools?Friesen, Jane / Javdani, Mohsen / Woodcock, Simon
2008 The determinants of university participation in Canada (1977 - 2003)Christofides, Louis N. / Hoy, Michael / Yang, Ling
2008 Teachers' training, class size and students' outcomes: learning from administrative forecasting mistakesBressoux, Pascal / Kramarz, Francis / Prost, Corinne
2008 Luther and the girls: religious denomination and the female education gap in 19th century PrussiaBecker, Sascha O. / Wößmann, Ludger
2008 What makes a test score? The respective contributions of pupils, schools, and peers in achievement in English primary educationKramarz, Francis / Machin, Stephen / Ouazad, Amine

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