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2008 Inequality of learning amongst immigrant children in industrialised countriesSchnepf, Sylke Viola
2002 The value of a third year in upper secondary vocational education - Evidence from a piloting schemeEkström, Erika
2003 Earnings effects of adult secondary education in SwedenEkström, Erika
2004 The knowledge lift: The Swedish adult education program that aimed to eliminate low worker skill levelsAlbrecht, James / van den Berg, Gerard J / Vroman, Susan
2009 Understanding compulsory schooling legislation: a formal model and implications for empirical analysisGradstein, Mark / Justman, Moshe
2008 Does money matter for schools?Holmlund, Helena / McNally, Sandra / Viarengo, Martina
2008 Education-occupation mismatch: is there an income penalty?Nordin, Martin / Persson, Inga / Rooth, Dan-Olof
2012 University entrance selection and age at admissionWikström, Christina / Wikström, Magnus
2008 Wage bargaining and the (dynamic) mincer equationAndini, Corrado
2008 What makes a test score? The respective contributions of pupils, schools, and peers in achievement in English primary educationKramarz, Francis / Machin, Stephen / Ouazad, Amine

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