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2005 Poor Background or Low Returns? Why Immigrant Students in Germany Perform so Poorly in PISAAmmermüller, Andreas
2005 Educational Opportunities and the Role of InstitutionsAmmermüller, Andreas
2000 Enrolments in higher education in West Germany: the impact of social background, labour market returns and educational fundingLauer, Charlotte
2007 Double Standards in Educational Standards: Are Disadvantaged Students Being Graded More Leniently?Himmler, Oliver / Schwager, Robert
2007 The Effect of Relative Age in the First Grade of Primary School on Long-Term Scholastic Results: International Comparative Evidence using PISA 2003Sprietsma, Maresa
2007 Educational Effects of Early or Later Secondary School Tracking in GermanyMühlenweg, Andrea Maria
2002 Intergenerational Poverty Dynamics in Poland: Family Background and Children's Educational Attainment During TransitionLauer, Charlotte / Beblo, Miriam
2010 Teaching, organization, and personal problems: Evidence from reforming tertiary education in GermanyMühlenweg, Andrea M.
2004 Schooling Returns for Wage Earners in Burkina Faso: Evidence from the 1994 and 1998 National SurveysKazianga, Harounan
1998 Determinants of School Attainment of Boys and Girls in TurkeyTansel, Aysit

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