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2003 Who's to Blame? The Determinants of German Students' Achievement in the PISA 2000 StudyFertig, Michael
2003 Educational Production, Endogenous Peer Group Formation and Class Composition - Evidence from the PISA 2000 StudyFertig, Michael
2006 Are the factors affecting dropout behavior related to initial enrollment intensity for college undergraduates?Stratton, Leslie Sundt / O'Toole, Dennis M. / Wetzel, James N.
2009 MM-Stat - MultiMedia-Statistik: Statistische Datenanalyse - webbasiert, interaktiv und multimedialKlinke, Sigbert / Kuhlee, Dina / Theel, Christian / Wagner, Cornelia / Westermeier, Christian
2005 A multinomial logit model of college stopout and dropout behaviorStratton, Leslie Sundt / O'Toole, Dennis M. / Wetzel, James N.
2007 Teacher density and student achievement in Swedish compulsory schoolsAndersson, Christian
2008 How interethnic marriages affect the educational attainment of children: evidence from a natural experimentvan Ours, Jan C. / Veenman, Justus
2007 The impact of participation in sports on educational attainment: new evidence from GermanyCornelißen, Thomas / Pfeifer, Christian
2006 Peer effects, social multipliers and migrants at school: an international comparisonEntorf, Horst / Lauk, Martina
2008 The rise and fall of the American Jewish PhDChiswick, Barry R.

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