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2009 School Choice and CompetitionDijkgraaf, Elbert / van der Geest, Stephanie / Gradus, Raymond H.J.M / de Jong, Matthijs
2014 The Short- and Long-Term Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes: Evidence from a School Choice Reform in SwedenWondratschek, Verena / Edmark, Karin / Frölich, Markus
2015 Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection, and Children's Educational OutcomesChevalier, Arnaud / Marie, Olivier
2011 Caroline Hall: Lessons from an expansion of upper secondary schoolingGrönqvist, Hans / Hall, Caroline
2014 Brain Drain, Educational Quality and Immigration Policy: Impact on Productive Human Capital in Source and Host Countries, with Canada as a Case StudySchiff, Maurice
2013 Returns to Skills around the World: Evidence from PIAACHanushek, Eric A. / Schwerdt, Guido / Wiederhold, Simon / Woessmann, Ludger
2010 Cross-country evidence on teacher performance payWoessmann, Ludger
2007 Family size and child outcomes: Is there really no trade-off?Åslund, Olof / Grönqvist, Hans
2006 Educational policy and intergenerational income mobility: Evidence from the Finnish comprehensive school reformPekkarinen, Tuomas / Pekkala, Sari / Uusitalo, Roope
2008 The college wage premium and the expansion of higher education in the UKWalker, Ian / Zhu, Yu

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